What does the royal wedding (not) tell us about the UK family migration regime?

No one will have missed the royal wedding between American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry happening this week. Markle has moved to the UK is expected to become known as the Duchess of Sussex after the wedding. But not all family migration procedures are quite so joyful and straightforward. In a new research paper, Dr Marcia Vera Espinoza and Dr Joe Turner, both at the Department of Politics at the University of Sheffield, investigate the intimacy of the family migration visa application in the UK. They both have personal experience of the process, which is also part of the research. The disruption, fear and anxiety they describe is quite far from a fairy tale royal wedding.

You can read more about Joe Turner’s work on family migration here and here, and more about Marcia Vera Espinoza’s work on migration here. There is also some other work discussed in this episode and recommended by the guests: on the Windrush generation; on marriage migration to the UK and here; on intersectionality, whiteness and citizenship; and the book Imperial Leather.

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