Is there a global solution to refugee protection?

There are many calls for reforming the way the world protects, or fails to protect, refugees. Some have suggested that the UN Refugee Convention is out-dated, others that the right to seek asylum should be abolished or that asylum claims should be processed off-shore. At the same time, the UNHCR has been drafting a Global Compact on Refugees, promising to increase global cooperation on refugee protection. James Hathaway, James E. and Sarah A. Degan Professor of Law at the University of Michigan, is the founding director of the University of Michigan’s Program in Refugee Asylum Law and author of two leading treatises: The Law of Refugee Status and of The Rights of Refugees under International Law

James Hathaway has put forward a model for a global solution to refugee protection, based on a five year project involving over 100 participants, including six governments. You can read the findings of that project here (pdf) and here (pdf). You can also listen to James Hathaway devloping the idea of the need for binding reform here.