30. What does it mean to be in solidarity with refugees?

With Dr Kerri Woods and Dr Alice Nah.

29. Why don’t Afghan interpreters get to stay?

With Nazir Ayeen and Dr Sara de Jong.

28. What does the royal wedding (not) tell us about the UK family migration regime?

With Dr Joe Turner and Dr Marcia Vera Espinoza.

27. What do we know about migrant smuggling at the US-Mexico border?

With Dr Gabriella Sanchez.

26. Are we biased by methodological nationalism?

With Dr Alex Sager.

25. Should there be no borders?

With Professor Bridget Anderson.

24. Can Jordan and Lebanon create jobs for refugees?

With Daniel Howden and Charlotte Alfred.

23. How do you support refugees?

With Ahmad al-Rashid.

22. What does it mean to be stateless?

With Dr Tendayi Bloom and Dr Katherine Tonkiss.

21. Is immigration bad for social cohesion?

With Professor Nils Holtug and Dr Patti Tamara Lenard.

20. Who is a racist?

With Professor Eric Kaufmann and Dr Garvan Walshe.

19. Should migration scholars be realistic or idealistic?

With Professor Joseph Carens.

18. Is there a way through the Balkan route?

With Dr Gemma Bird and Dr Patrycja Rozbicka.

17. Is immigration control bad for everyone’s freedom?

With Professor Chandran Kukathas.

16. Is Italy closing its ports for migrants?

With Dr Simon McMahon.

15. Who came during the 2015 European refugee ‘crisis’?

With Dr Judith Kohlenberger.

14. What do we really know about refugees?

With Dr Benjamin Thomas White.

13. What is so special about Canada?

With Professor Daniel Hiebert.

12. Should progressive politics be nationalist?

With Professor Will Kymlicka and Professor Rainer Bauböck.

11. Who is welcome in Latin America?

With Dr Marcia Vera Espinoza and Esteban Sanchez Botero.

10. What’s wrong with ethnic and racial discrimination in immigration policy?

With Professor Christopher Heath Wellman and Dr Sarah Fine.

9. Does migration threaten the welfare state and how to refugees in Africa challenge citizenship?

With Professor Keith Banting and Dr Andreas Bergh.

8. What is the politics of fear and what can fiction tell us about migration stories?

With Professor Ruth Wodak, Olumide Popoola and Annie Holmes.

7. Was Brexit all about immigration and who are the children migrating unaccompanied to Europe?

With Professor Robert Ford, Kenan Malik and Dr Nando Sigona.

6. Europe and the refugee crisis: perspectives from BISA

With Dr James Souter, Dr Kelly Staples and Dr Simon McMahon.

5. Brexit or Bremain? Immigration and identity before and after the referendum

With Dr Andy Mycock and Dr Madeleine Sumption.

4. Multiculturalism versus interculturalism and is it the end of open door Germany?

With Professor Tariq Modood and Dr Timo Lochocki.

3. Trading rights for migration and is there any light for the displaced Rohingyas?

With Professor Chris Bertram, Professor Martin Ruhs and Dr Sarnata Reynolds.

2. What is the right to asylum and why are people crossing the Med?

With Professor David Owen, David Goodhart and Professor Heaven Crawley.

1. What Muslims might think and what’s going on in the EU

With Professor Ruud Koopmans and Professor Andrew Geddes.